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What’s New in Version

Release Date:  June 17, 2019 New Feature:  HQ Accounting Export. Export multiple stores with separate GL codes and data in single or multiple files for import into accounting systems. Added new option to show product cost under the pencil in the till. Enable in Company Options –> Show Product Cost In Till Under Pencil. User […]

Parks Canada POS team nominated for National Award

Includes Tri-City Retail Systems as key member of team. The Government of Canada recently announced the nominations for the Parks Canada CEO Award in the “Excellence in Leadership and Innovation” category. The POS Team at Parks Canada earned their nomination for the completion of the National POS System for the Ontario Waterways implementation, which is […]

Celebrating 23 Years of Tri-City Retail Systems

Tri-City Retail Systems is celebrating 23 years of helping retailers maximize their profitability! The last few years have brought great change as a result of Microsoft discontinuing RMS and the subsequent launch of MyPOS Connect. It’s been quite a journey and we are proud of our accomplishments. Thank you to all of our customers who […]

What’s New in Version

Release Date:  May 14, 2019 New Feature:  Sale Price Wizard. Includes second sale price to allow for back to back sale price scheduling (Read More…) New Feature:  Prompt for Bank Deposit amount on Z report (Enable in Device Options –> Open Close Settings –> Prompt for Cash Bank Deposit) Added option to prompt for payment […]

Membership Module Showcase

If you’re a retailer that maintains memberships, you understand that improper membership management can result in major revenue loss. Imagine that a customer comes in looking to replace a lost membership card, and in doing so the membership expiration date gets extended by mistake. What if a member visits with a group of guests and […]