Membership Module Showcase

If you’re a retailer that maintains memberships, you understand that improper membership management can result in major revenue loss. Imagine that a customer comes in looking to replace a lost membership card, and in doing so the membership expiration date gets extended by mistake. What if a member visits with a group of guests and cashier errors prevent the guests from being correctly charged for admission? It will be you, the retailer, footing the bill.

It is also crucial to your operation’s continued success that members are kept happy. Imagine if a member were to visit and find that their membership pricing isn’t being honored, all because a cashier is struggling to manually enter in membership data. What kind of impression would it give if they were to find it time consuming and difficult to be admitted with guests? These situations could easily lead to a member not renewing, or posting a poor online review.

How you process and maintain memberships can be the difference between a loyal customer that visits frequently and renews their membership year after year, or an unsatisfied customer that you’ll never see again. MyPOS Connect’s Membership Plug-In was built for just these sorts of situations. With it you get the most out of memberships for your operation, and we take the headache out of managing them.

Here are some of the ways the Membership Plug-In makes managing memberships quick and easy, all while protecting your customers and your bottom line:

  1. With the Membership Plug-In for MyPOS Connect, it’s easy to print membership cards with barcodes. This speeds up admission processing time and ensures that the correct member is selected for every transaction.
  2. It keeps track of expiry dates for you, so you never accidentally admit someone for free if their membership is expired. It also gives cashiers the ability to renew memberships quickly and easily, right at the Point of Sale.
  3. It keeps track of exactly how many individuals to admit per membership. Simply scan the member’s card and MyPOS Connect automatically applies the admission discounts the member is entitled to. No more trying to remember exactly how many adults and how many children are allowed on each type of membership.
  4. Don’t worry about how to charge discounted admission fees for special events – the Membership Plug-In manages discounts for different types of admissions; ensuring that your customers are charged correctly every single time.
  5. It automatically applies membership discounts to all of a member’s purchases, so you can be sure that member pricing is applied at every till, from Admissions to Food Service to the Gift Shop.
  6. It makes replacing lost membership cards a breeze, while also being sure to reduce the chance of membership fraud. With a built-in membership card replacement feature, MyPOS Connect ensures that you can replace a member’s lost or stolen card without worrying about accidentally extending the membership renewal date. Plus, when the new membership card is linked to the member’s account, the old card is deactivated automatically, so it can’t be used in the future.
  7. Ensure that only your most trusted employees can make changes to memberships. The Membership Plug-In includes security features allowing you to select which users can edit membership details.
  8. Encourage customers to buy memberships as gifts for others! With the Membership Plug-In, memberships don’t have to be assigned to the person purchasing them; they can be assigned to anyone the customer chooses.