Solutions – MyPOS


Our heads may be in the Cloud…

…but our feet are planted firmly on the ground!

MyPOS Connect is a comprehensive Retail Management System that combines the power and accessibility of the Cloud with the reliability and speed of an on-premise application – all for a small monthly fee.

  • Eliminate costly servers and IT infrastructure.
  • No more tedious data back-ups or annoying server crashes.

Start with one store and grow to a hundred stores; MyPOS Connect will grow with you.

Your Data – When and Where You Need It

With MyPOS Connect, your data is centrally maintained in a secure, PCI-compliant datacenter. When you use MyPOS Connect to process sales transactions, the finalized sale is immediately inserted into the central database in the Cloud. That means your data is accessible immediately; and with the free reports portal, you can monitor what’s happening in your store from any internet browser, anywhere, any time.

Rock-Solid Reliable Sales Transaction Processing

You can be assured that your store will always be able to sell merchandise because each MyPOS Connect POS workstation has its own local database that is automatically synchronized in real-time with your central database in the Cloud. That means that if you lose your connection to the Cloud, your POS system can continue to operate without missing a beat! When the Cloud connection is re-established, all offline transactions will automatically flow up to the central database in the Cloud.

Keeping it Simple

If we’ve learned anything in the 20+ years since we started Tri-City Retail Systems, it’s that POS systems need to be simple for cashiers to use. MyPOS Connect is highly intuitive; so even the most complicated POS operations have been simplified enough that your store staff will have no trouble learning how to perform them. Leveraging the experience gained by deploying thousands of POS systems over two decades, and writing POS programs for over ten years, MyPOS Connect won’t intimidate even the most technically challenged users. As a result, MyPOS Connect significantly reduces training time and minimizes your ongoing end-user support costs.

Cost-Effective License Fees

When you purchase MyPOS Connect, there are no large, up-front licensing fees; just a small, one-time set-up charge and a low monthly fee (per computer or tablet). There are no other fees for the standard MyPOS Connect software. That means you will get all the new software releases and hotfixes as soon as they are available. And you can set up an unlimited number of users on each workstation or device – without any additional fees!

Furthermore, you can add temporary POS stations on a month-to-month basis. So if you only need a temporary till for the holiday season or you are having a one-week tent sale in the parking lot, you don’t need to commit to a full year of monthly fees – just pay for one month.

Comprehensive Retail Management Functionality

MyPOS Connect offers a comprehensive set of retail-specific software components. From Point Of Sale to Purchasing and Inventory Control to Customer Management and Accounts Receivable, MyPOS Connect provides all the functionality you need to run your business operations efficiently and profitably.

MyPOS Connect Feature Highlights:

Point Of Sale

  • Single-store or multiple stores
  • Touchscreen optimized for easier user adoption
  • Performs well on a wide variety of Windows-based POS hardware
  • Automatic, seamless offline mode for tills
  • Comprehensive security settings for all users
  • EMV-compliant integrated credit/debit card processing (optional)
  • Integrated gift card processing
  • Process Work Orders and Quotes
  • Quick Customer creation with Address Autofill feature
  • Points-based Customer Rewards help build customer loyalty
  • User-defined tender types lets you balance your till easier
  • Flexible $ or % discounts by transaction or by item
  • Automated multi-item promos and BOGO offers
  • Supports multiple sales taxes, currencies

Products / Pricing

  • Colour and Size Tracking
  • Multiple prices per item
  • Bundles (Gift Baskets)
  • Master Pack Linking
  • Promotions (Buy X and Get Y for Z)
  • Automatic Discounts (Single items or entire transaction)
  • Cost roll up of modifiers to master products


  • Customer Sales Tracking
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Reward Points
  • Customer Price Bands
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer Price Lists

Inventory Management

  • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Counts
  • Strict Stock Control Option
  • Purchase Orders
  • Transfers
  • Inter Store Transfers


  • Till Reports
  • Back Office Reports
  • Online Portal Reports
  • Graphical Reports

Optional Modules (additional fees apply)

  • EMV-Compliant Merchant Services Integration
  • Email Receipts Module
  • Memberships Administration Module
  • Interactive Reports Module
  • Shopify eCommerce Integration
  • SendInBlue Email and SMS Marketing
  • GetFiveStars Customer Feedback and Online Reviews