POS System Update – What’s New in Release

Release Date: January 29, 2019

  • Added new option to automatically switch price band at the beginning of each transaction
    • Back Office –> System Settings –> Device Options –> Pricing –> Price band override
  • Added new feature to sort tax rates on screen and on receipts
    • Back Office –> Data Setup –> Tax Rates (set “sort order”)
  • Added mouse over text to import modules to provide additional detail regarding the field names where required
    • For example, if import field is called “Transfer to Store” mouse over text will reveal “Transfer to Store (Code)”
  • Added “Publish” and “Unpublish” options to Shopify Sync
  • Added “Go To” feature to Classifications, Promotions, and Suppliers to facilitate easier product location
  • Improved “Go To” function to clear text after successful locate
  • Improved Global Customers to permit new Global Customers to immediately spend previously earned points
  • Improved handling of removed work order deposits
  • Improved products field “RRP” (Recommended Retail Price) to dynamically update on screen
  • Improved receiving on Purchase Orders “Scan Item(s)”. New window shows Product Code, Product Description, Price (default), Ordered (Current PO) and Received (Current PO) with each product scanned
  • Improved Style Builder to update products within style with any changes to static fields on selected product (will not update price, cost, quantity, tax or bin location)
  • Improved Void Transaction to “Finalize” rather than advance user to payment options
  • Fixed issue when user provides an extremely long voucher code

If you would like more information on any of these changes or additions please contact our office and ask for support.