Services – Training and Implementation

Implementation & Training

Tri-City Retail Systems provides a complete range of professional services designed to make the implementation and on-going support of your new POS system as easy and painless as possible. We can manage every aspect of the deployment cycle so you won’t have to worry about whether you forgot anything; and focus your attention on your store opening. Once your system is deployed, we are always just a phone call away to help you with any problems or concerns you may have with your system.

Implementation Services

For those retailers who find POS technology a challenge, our team of industry specialists is positioned to provide complete turnkey store systems; including all POS hardware, software and deployment services. However, for retailers who have in-house IT resources and may prefer to source their own hardware, we can focus solely on supplying the software solution and specific training and support services they need to fill their specific knowledge gaps.

The following is a description of the professional services we can offer during the implementation of your new POS system.

On-Site or Remote System Installation

Tri-City Retail Systems is experienced with both on-site and remote set-up and configuration of your new POS systems, depending on the complexity of your deployment and your budget. We can also provide site management services such as liaison with your site construction team, network cabling company, merchant services provider and any other third party suppliers you have contracted to get your store system up and running.

If you do not have a network solution provider for your store systems, we can refer you to a local Microsoft Partner for all your networking hardware and cabling. Once your store network is installed, we can deliver your system components and walk you through the system set-up and configuration procedure remotely. Or if you prefer to install the systems yourself, we can pre-stage the systems at our tech centre and deliver turnkey POS systems that are ready to go as soon as you unpack them.

User Training

Customized training programs, combined with comprehensive technical documentation and operator’s manuals will enable you to implement the features and functions of your new POS system more quickly and more effectively. Utilizing a “Train-The-Trainer” methodology, designed to transfer knowledge to your management team, we focus on marrying the software with your business practices and policies.  Our training programs address all POS functions that apply to your sales and customer service operations, as well as all applicable management functions.

Data Conversion

Tri-City Retail Systems can provide file conversion and data importing services, assuming that the source files are provided in a standard format (flat text file, MS Excel spreadsheet, etc.) We can import data into any data table in the system.  However the most popular files we import include the Items and Inventory, Vendors and Customers.

For existing Microsoft Dynamics RMS users who are moving to MyPOS, we can convert your RMS database and transfer it into the MyPOS database, thereby retaining all sales and inventory history.

Go-Live Support

Tri-City Retail Systems can provide a dedicated Go-Live support expert to be available, either on-site or by telephone, during live-day to ensure that your first day of operation with the new system is smooth and trouble-free.  In addition, we can complete the end-user training process by helping the store manager balance their first shift.

User Documentation

As well as on-line help within the software application, as an optional service, we can provide customized quick reference guides for cashiers and store managers, or technical documents for in-house IT staff. Written to match our client’s business practices, these custom manuals can be provided in PDF form for royalty-free reproduction.

Custom Programming & Report Development

As the exclusive distributor of MyPOS in North America, we have access to the source code and can customize MyPOS or write add-on programs that work seamlessly with MyPOS. We can also provide customized reports that can be accessed via the MyPOS User Portal in the Cloud, without requiring a user license.

Business Consulting

One of our key differentiators as a solution provider is that we focus 100% of our efforts on deploying and supporting retail management solutions. With the experience gained by deploying and supporting POS systems for over 1,000 customers, we can provide your retail management team with technical assistance and business advice on the best way to implement and use your new POS system. This is so ingrained in our corporate philosophy that we include business consulting sessions in every aspect of client collaboration from the sales and demonstration phase to the training and implementation phase. And we continue to provide ongoing consulting services even after live-day as part of our standard end-user support strategy.