Our Story

In June of 1996, Michael Steg and Heidi Stieh left their comfy corporate jobs and started Tri-City Retail Systems on a shoestring budget and a dream: to help retailers, of all sizes, maximize their profitability by using industry-leading retail technologies.

For the first two years, Mike and Heidi ran Tri-City Retail Systems from their home. They lived, ate and breathed POS systems. Often the week would pass without a day off. Cash registers, computers and networking equipment covered every surface of their home as they procured, programmed and delivered retail POS systems for more and more customers every month. After two years, they were generating enough revenue to open an office and hire their first employee.

A couple of years later, Tri-City Retail became a Microsoft Certified Partner and began specializing in deploying and supporting Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). And with their formidable work ethic, it wasn’t long before Mike and Heidi built Tri-City Retail Systems into one of the top RMS Partners in North America, earning them Gold Certified status and countless awards along the way.

Now, after more than 24 years, Mike and Heidi lead a dedicated group of experienced retail technology experts who have helped over 1,000 specialty retailers improve their business operations by using cost-effective retail management solutions. And even though they don’t work the same crazy hours they did when they started the company, they still bring their dog to the office every day.

We’re a dedicated group of experts who truly believe in what we do: helping retailers succeed.

We’ve helped over 1,000 retailers – we can help you too.

The MyPOS Connect Story

For over 15 years we focused our efforts on selling and supporting Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) for more than 900 retailers across North America. So when we learned that Microsoft was planning to kill RMS and replace it with their enterprise-class ERP solution, we were crestfallen! In spite of our disappointment, we immediately took the Microsoft certification training courses for their new POS offering, AX for Retail. But the more we learned about it, the more we realized that it just wasn’t a good fit for most of our customers.

That’s why we made the decision to find a new POS solution. One that was cost-effective enough for our single-store customers but could scale to hundreds of stores, for our larger customers. After testing dozens of software programs from around the World, we chose a solution from a software company in the UK that had been developing cloud-based POS software for over 10 years. The software was called MyPOS and it had been successfully deployed for hundreds of retailers in the UK and Europe, including Dyson and Yankee Candle.

map of North America
MyPOS Connect Story 1

Over the next 18 months, MyPOS was modified to handle the needs of North American retailers. The core product was changed to address our sales tax laws, provide integrations to popular US and Canadian merchant services providers, and handle many of the inventory management, customer engagement and retail accounting functions that we knew our customers needed. The resulting solution was rebranded “MyPOS Connect” because it’s seamlessly connected to the Cloud and because it’s so easy to connect the system to eCommerce platforms and other 3rd party applications.

Now, MyPOS Connect is quickly becoming the obvious choice for small to mid-sized specialty retailers who want to transition to their next-generation POS system. This is especially true if you are a Microsoft Dynamics RMS user, because MyPOS Connect has comparable functionality and because it can import item and customer data straight from your RMS database, including sales history. That means that RMS users transitioning to MyPOS Connect, can hit the road running.