POS System dashboard screen

Customizable POS User Experience

  • Over 300 functional parameter settings let you change the way your system works simply by clicking a check box.
  • Customize your POS System screen with the specific function buttons that you want your staff to use and hide the buttons they’ll never use.
  • Custom Menu board with up to 150 button positions per page.
  • Unlimited one-touch PLU/Product buttons that sell non-labelled items quickly and easily.
  • Classification buttons display multiple pages of one-touch products linked to specific groups.
  • Modifier buttons let you add free or chargeable modifiers or descriptors to any PLU/Product.
  • Program buttons execute 3rd party apps like MS Excel and MS Word, open a web browser, or run user-defined reports leveraging data within the database and the POS transaction screen.
  • Display buttons can dynamically display customer or item data during sales transactions.
  • Extended Till Roll (on-screen receipt list) for retailers that sell lots of items in each transaction.
  • 11 different color themes and options for squared or rounded buttons let you personalize the look and feel of each POS system device.
feature pop-up screen

Customer Engagement & Loyalty Program

  • Unlimited customer records with complete sales histories that can be shared in real-time across multiple locations.
  • Multiple customer addresses, buying preferences, special dates, and other data help you provide more personalized service.
  • Charge special customer pricing and automatically apply customer-specific discounts regardless of which location they visit.
  • Create customer loyalty programs and control how rewards are redeemed.
  • Manage A/R customers by processing and tracking invoices, issuing statements, and applying payments to specific invoices.
  • Optional integration to GatherUp lets you easily manage your customers’ online reviews and optimize your online reputation.
  • Optional integration to Send In Blue and Constant Contact helps you conduct professional, cost-effective email marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness.
software integration

Omni-Channel Sales

  • Sell online, in-store, or by phone and synchronize inventory to eliminate stockouts and deliver all your orders on time.
  • Automatically upload product file changes in MyPOS Connect to your eCommerce database.
  • Include online sales with in-store sales for proper sales tax accounting and revenue reporting.
  • Automatically share new customers: New online customers migrate to MyPOS Connect automatically. No manual data entry is required.
  • Use MyPOS Connect’s off-the-shelf integration to Shopify or let us work with your web developer to build a customized integration to your eCommerce platform.
purchase order screen

Intuitive Purchasing Tools

  • Create purchase orders manually at Head Office or at the stores. Create PO’s for each store or for a central warehouse for later distribution to your stores.
  • Create purchase orders automatically using reorder levels, outstanding customer orders, or sales within a specified period.
  • Import purchase orders from MS Excel.
  • Print purchase orders in multiple formats and email them to your suppliers with just a couple of clicks.
  • Receive purchase orders with just a couple of clicks and print labels and tags based on received quantities.
  • Leverage powerful trending analyses to help maintain optimal reorder levels for each inventory location and process reorders quickly and easily
Product movement report screen mypos dashboard

Comprehensive, Auditable Multi-Store Inventory Management System

  • Track every item you buy and sell and manage your inventory from your Stores or from Head Office or both.
  • Issue store transfers either from the sending store or from Head Office and manually or automatically receive them.
  • Process Stock Counts with or without portable data collection devices.
  • Make auditable adjustments to stock on hand or to item costs.
  • Receive returned items into temporary “In Limbo” location for further attention by management.
  • Generate detailed inventory movement reports that show you every step your merchandise takes from your suppliers through to your customers.
Screen shot of reports

Powerful Reporting and Data Analysis

  • More than 200 standard reports can be generated from the back-office or from the Reports Portal.
  • Access the Reports Portal from any web browser, anywhere.
    • Customized Dashboard presents key metrics.
    • Limit access to authorized users only.
  • Use a variety of data filters to focus on critical information.
  • Email any report right from the report viewer.
  • Export any report to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, XML or CSV format.
  • One-touch report buttons let you display any report from the POS System screen with a single touch or click.