System Installation and Configuration

  • Remote System Configuration using remote access software that enables us to configure your entire MyPOS Connect system while you watch every click and keystroke.
  • POS Workstation Pre-Staging performed at our tech center, produces turnkey POS terminals that can be shipped directly to your store so all you need to do is unpack them and plug them in.
  • Site Management Services such as liaison with your site construction team, network cabling company, merchant services provider and any other third-party suppliers you have contracted to get your store POS systems up and running.

End-User Training

  • Customized End-User Training covers all front-end POS functions that apply to your business operations, as well as all applicable management functions. No such thing as one-size-fits-all classroom training here.
  • Train-The-Trainer Programs designed to transfer knowledge to your management team, we focus on marrying the software with your business practices and policies.
  • Custom User Guides for cashiers and store managers, as well as technical documents for in-house IT staff. Written to match your business processes and policies, we provide all custom documents in PDF format for royalty-free reproduction.

Data Conversion

  • Data File Conversion and data importing services eliminate the need to manually create your database from scratch. Item, customers, suppliers and even history can be imported into MyPOS Connect from any Excel or flat text file.
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS Users can easily transition to MyPOS Connect by leveraging our library of SQL queries that convert your entire database directly into MyPOS Connect’s Cloud database.

Custom Programming and Report Development

  • Custom Programming Services. As the exclusive North American distributor for MyPOS Connect, we can write custom programs that add features and functions matching your exact specifications.
  • Custom Report Development is a typical service we provide for almost every system we install. If you have the knowledge in-house, we’ll teach you how to customize your own reports. If not, we’ll build your custom reports for you.

End-User Support

  • Accessible Support 24/7/365 is our way of delivering help whenever you need it, regardless of whether your problem is related to hardware, software or any other aspect of your system.
  • Our Call Tracker System ensures that all support calls are logged and monitored until your issue is resolved. Complete details of each support incident are tracked so that we can provide detailed reports that help you manage your budget and pinpoint areas that could be resolved with more training.
  • Flex-Time Plans differentiate our technical support offering by enabling you to purchase blocks of support time up-front with discounts off our regular hourly rates. There are no call minimums, no monthly minimums, and no expiry dates, so Flex-Time Plans are the most cost-effective and efficient way to pay for ongoing technical support from our team of experts.