Job Posting – Support Specialist

 We are a small team of dedicated professionals who supply and support retail systems for retailers, both single store and chain stores, across North America. We pride ourselves on being product experts and providing top notch support for the solutions we provide. We are looking to add a junior member to our support team. This person will initially be responsible for providing support and training to our customers after mastering our MyPOS Connect software as well as handling support calls that come in to our support line, testing software and creating and updating documentation. This is a work from home position so would require an environment free of distraction and an individual who has the self-discipline to stay focused and get the job done. Working hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, Eastern time with some on call. This is a full time, permanent position.

The right person for this position will:

1) Have knowledge of retail operations and (any) retail systems

  • Have you ever operated the POS system or been a cashier?
  • Have you ever done a stock count in a retail store?
  • Do you know what an X/Z is? A float? No Sale? A barcode?
  • Have you ever created or received a purchase order?

2) Have experience in spreadsheet applications (such as Excel or Google Sheets)

  • Can you write a formula is a spreadsheet application?
  • Can you add a new worksheet in a spreadsheet application?

3) Be tech savvy

  • Are you the person friends and family go to for computer help?
  • Could you describe how to change the date and time on a Windows computer without being at a Windows computer?
  • Can you install a printer driver?
  • Can you do basic network troubleshooting?

4) Be honest and trustworthy

5) Have solid trouble shooting and critical thinking skills

6) Have excellent English written and verbal communication skills

  • Communication with our customers on the phone or by email
  • Log support calls with appropriate amount of detail.

7) Be an enthusiastic team player

8) Have a quiet place to work, uninterrupted, from home

Not required but nice to have:

  • Any knowledge of SQL (our databases are MS SQL)
  • French language skills