POS System Update – What’s New in Release

Here is a list of the latest feature enhancements for MyPOS Connect.

Release Date: 2020-05-11

  • Added “Remove all Product” button to Promotions
  • Added additional fields to “Printing” button to support additional receipt messaging
  • Added “Update products only” option on Product Import
  • Fixed issue where blank email receipts might be created on a re-email
  • Improved messaging on Product Import
  • Added “Sync to Shopify now” button to Products Web tab (works with previously sync’d product)
  • Added optional logging for Shopify Product Sync
  • Improved error messaging for Shopify Product Sync

If you would like more information on these features and how they affect you, please call us at (877) 877-4767 and ask for “Support” or email us at support@tricityretail.com.