What’s New in Version

  • Added new Device Option to show promo description on second line
  • Added new feature print out Float Declaration (where denominations are enabled in Device Options)
  • Added new feature to Customer Types to disable promos on each customer type
  • Added new feature to define Supplier threshold (for use with PO Wizard)
  • Added new feature to Promotions setup allowing customer discounts to be enabled on each promo type
  • Added Total to Cash Up declaration screen
  • Added Total to Float Declaration screen (where denominations are enabled in Device Options)
  • Added user and device to imported records for cust prices, members, suppliers, promos, stock count
  • Change to Send in Blue to add “1” prefix on all phone numbers sent
  • Fixed issue where customer removed from transaction still attached to single sale record (no impact on points)
  • Fixed issue with voiding transactions with reward points redemptions
  • Fixed issue with work orders and quotes where price overrides not disabled for promos
  • Implemented change to allow typed decimal point for QTY button
  • Improved Products screens in back office to prevent overlapping buttons in low resolution environments
  • Added new feature to prevent rewards from being used to pay tax

If you would like more information on any of these features, additions or changes please contact our office and ask for support.