What’s New in Version

Release Date:  June 17, 2019

  • New Feature:  HQ Accounting Export. Export multiple stores with separate GL codes and data in single or multiple files for import into accounting systems.
  • Added new option to show product cost under the pencil in the till.
    Enable in Company Options –> Show Product Cost In Till Under Pencil. User must belong to a User Group that has “Costs Visible” enabled
  • Added opening and closing times to Z reports
  • Implemented new logic to allow nested promos to work on the same products
    Allows for Promo 1 Buy 3 and Save as well as Promo 2 Buy 5 and Save for same products
  • Added feature where gift receipt will prompt to individual receipts for each product or a single gift receipt for all products
  • Improved notes in customers (back office and full screen in till) to allow unlimited number of characters
  • Fixed issue where barcode price items with a default of 0 were incorrectly updated when customer discount was applied
  • Fixed issue where child items added and removed from till repeatedly when quantity was zero unpacked an incorrect quantity of parents in some cases

If you would like more information on any of these features, additions or changes please contact our office and ask for support.