What’s New in Version

Release Date: September 10, 2019

  • Added four new columns to the list of fields that can be added to the label formats
    •           Style Description (StyleDescription)
    •           Product Title (ProductTitle)
    •           Default Supplier Name (SupplierName)
    •           Default Supplier Product Code (SupplierProductCode)
  • Added the ability to set starting row and column for label printing with Avery-type labels
  • Added option for X and Z reads to use local DB instead of cloud DB
    •           Device Options –> Open/Close Settings –> X/Z Read uses local DB
  • Added logic to prevent MyPOS from starting if computer’s local database is not yet running and available after a reboot.
    •           User will receive a message to wait a moment and try again
  • Added access to Shopify Sync button in MyPOS Connect HQ
  • Added logic to remember column order and sizes for work orders and quotes grid list in the till
  • Improved email receipts plugin to include a new button for sending email receipts for work orders and quotes
  • Fixed issue on X/Z reports where customer deposits weren’t being included correctly in cash expected totals
  • Fixed issue where the “New” button on PO screen wasn’t working immediately following the posting of another PO
  • Fixed issue where on screen keyboard would at times, fail to appear for editing descriptions in the till

If you would like more information on any of these features, additions or changes please contact our office and ask for support.