What’s New in Version

  • New Feature Customer Merge
  • New Feature Style Builder
  • Improved PLU grid to show Style Code
  • Improved PLU search to also search for Style Code
  • Improved Style grid (in Products) to show quantity on hand
  • Improved logic with weighed product and now disallow selling where weight is zero
  • Improved Stock Count which now supports count dates enabling stock movement while counting
  • Improved Send In Blue to allow newly created customers to be put on a specific list or lists defined per store.
  • Added new Company option: Only Allow Payment on Account While Online
  • Added new Company option: Only Allow Points Redemption While Online
  • Added editable cost field on receiving tab of purchase orders
  • Added “space” to list of valid scannable product code characters
  • Added new option for font size on standard receipts
  • Added progress bar to show when performing an online database check
  • Fixed issue where, in certain circumstances, deletion of menu page would create orphan records
  • Fixed issue where date control allowed invalid dates

If you would like more information on any of these features, additions or changes please contact our office and ask for support.