As the exclusive distributor of MyPOS in North America, we have access to source code and can customize MyPOS to your exact requirements. To that end, we have built a selection of optional “Plug-In” programs that work seamlessly with MyPOS and can be added to your system at any time. Pay only for the MyPOS Plug-Ins you want. Don’t pay for advanced functionality that you will never use.

MyPOS Plug-Ins

Unlike other Cloud-based POS solution providers, we are willing to build custom programs for MyPOS to address functional requirements that are unique to your business or your industry segment. Need a custom report? We can easily and quickly modify any report, or build a custom report from scratch.

Third Party Integrations

Integrations to third party applications, like financial accounting systems, are a must for some retailers. We can provide integrations to many of the popular accounting systems (and some of the not-so-popular accounting systems). Why change your accounting software just because you need a new POS system? With MyPOS, you don’t have to.