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What is Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS)?

Microsoft Dynamics RMS is a complete POS solution for small to mid-sized retailers operating a single store or chain-store enterprise. With more than 50,000 installations worldwide, RMS has proven to be a robust and stable solution for retailers of all types.  For 15 years Tri-City Retail Systems focused on deploying this solution; and we saw many of our customers thrive and grow with RMS. So, naturally, we were disappointed when Microsoft ended “Mainstream Support” for RMS, because this is the first step toward discontinuing the product. But, as the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining”. In this case it’s MyPOS! MyPOS is our replacement product for RMS and it is built on the same quality database platform (Microsoft SQL Server) – except that now, the database is in the Cloud. So you can manage your retail business from anywhere, any time!

If you want to know more about the features and benefits that MyPOS can offer you, click here.

What does the end of Mainstream Support mean to RMS users?

The end of Mainstream Support simply means that Microsoft has stopped building new features for RMS and they closed there technical support help desk. It does not mean that Microsoft will no longer support RMS – nor does it mean that your software will stop working all of a sudden. RMS will continue to work as it always has; and Microsoft will continue to address software bugs and provide updates to ensure that your POS system complies with local security and legal requirements. And we will continue to support RMS as long as our customers use it to operate their stores.

Furthermore, if you keep renewing your RMS Software Maintenance Plan each year, you can continue to purchase additional RMS licenses (both Store Operations and Headquarters) until July 13, 2021. That will give you lots of time to plan for your company’s future. If you have opted not to renew your Software Maintenance Plan for RMS, your software will continue to work but you will not receive, or be entitled to receive, any future updates and you will not be able to purchase any additional licenses in the event that you decide to add a new POS lane or open a new store.

What if my Software Maintenance Plan is expired?

If your RMS Software Maintenance Plan from Microsoft is already expired, you can still renew your plan after you pay a lapse fee. If your plan expired recently, this may be a nominal charge. However, if your plan has been expired for a year or more, the lapse fee will likely be a significant cost. If you want to know how much it will cost to re-instate your plan, just give us a call and we can provide a quotation.

What’s next?

What if you decide that it isn’t worth spending the money to renew your RMS Software Maintenance Plan? What if you want to open a new store or add another POS lane; and you have already decided not to re-invest in RMS? Evaluating, and planning for, your next POS system is a time consuming and costly exercise. Why not start with us? We would love to show you MyPOS, which is built on all the latest Microsoft technologies and is an excellent replacement for RMS. Plus, we can convert your RMS database so that MyPOS can import your existing items, customers and sales history. That way, you can start with MyPOS right where you left off with RMS – without missing a beat!

If you would like to learn more, please call us. We’re here to help.