Is Your Business Data Protected Against Disaster?

In today’s Blog post, we are highlighting another customer of ours, Bread and Bretzel Basket, a family owned bakery and café in Waterloo, Ontario that makes a wide variety of quality baked goods, including breads, buns, cakes, pastries, donuts, cookies, chocolate and more – all from scratch. Early one morning in the summer of 2018, Roland Daldrup, the owner of Bread and Bretzel Basket, came to work to find that the front door of his store was smashed and his entire POS system was gone – cash drawer and all! While most people would be forced to close their store for at least a few days, Roland was able to keep his store open. Here’s how he did it.

“I remember pulling into the parking lot that morning and thinking, great! Now I have this to deal with on my busiest day of the week,” says Daldrup. The first thing he did was call the police to report the break-in. Then he called Tri-City Retail Systems, his POS vendor, to find out what his exposure was if the thief tried to hack into his POS system to get customer data or other valuable information about his business. “My initial concern was the data but then I remembered that it was all in the Cloud” says Daldrup. “As long as I froze my account in time, I knew I would be fine.” That’s because his POS system, MyPOS Connect, only allows connections from users with an IP address that’s recorded on a Safe List. “My call was returned within two minutes, says Daldrup!” “I spoke with the support agent and he immediately blocked all access to my database to protect my customers as well as my data.”

Michael Steg, one of the managing partners at Tri-City Retail Systems remembers getting the call from Roland. “He certainly sounded upset,” says Steg. “I guess it throws you for a loop when you realize that bad things can happen to anyone. It was lucky that Roland emptied his cash drawer before leaving the store the night before.” Unfortunately, because the cash drawer was closed, the thief had to take it along with the POS terminal that ran his retail system, MyPOS Connect. If he had left the drawer open, the thief would have seen that there was nothing in the till and probably would have left it alone. This is a very common mistake that many of our customers make. Always leave the cash drawer open when you close the store.”

Roland’s next challenge was replacing his POS system and getting it set-up so that he could process sales again. Since he was using MyPOS Connect, all of his product and pricing information was still intact and sitting in his database in the Cloud. Everything from his customers to his suppliers to his sales history was also backed-up and available for him. So all he needed was to install MyPOS Connect on any Windows device and the support team at Tri-City Retail could connect it to his database. In 10 minutes, he would be up and running like nothing had happened.

“Roland wanted to know how much a new POS system would cost and how quickly we could get it up and running,” says Steg. “I remember telling him that it could take a while to order in a replacement system and suggested that he just use any other computer in his store. But like many of our customers, Roland only had one POS terminal that he used to run his entire business. So I told him not to worry; that we would provide a temporary replacement POS terminal that we would lend him until his replacement arrived.”

“Tri-City Retail’s response was great. I was given a loaner POS system to get me through until I had a new one,” says Daldrup. Within a few hours, his system was set-up and connected to the Bread and Bretzel database; and it was business-as-usual! “The Tri-City Retail staff was extremely helpful and quick to act during this bump in my journey,” remembers Daldrup.

When asked what advice he would give other retailers similar to him, Daldrup said: “don’t wait for something like this to happen before you get a Cloud-based POS system. But if it does, you won’t find a better replacement for your POS system than MyPOS Connect.” He went on to say, “MyPOS Connect has helped me better control my inventory, profit calculations, and staffing. I have also had an increase in revenue because I can measure the popularity of certain items and busy times and days.” When asked about his POS system provider, Daldrup said this: “the service at Tri-City Retail is excellent. Anytime I need assistance with any issue I can call their support department. They are always positive and helpful and they resolve my issues every time.”

We were so glad that we could be there for Roland during such a trying and stressful time. And we’d like to thank him for allowing us to share his story. If you would like to learn more about Bread and Bretzel Basket, visit their website at