PO Landed Cost and PO Discounts

Landed cost is now an option in MyPOS Connect.  Enabling landed cost  in company options will allow you to roll up shipping, brokerage, additional fees and even discounts into the cost of the products you receive.

To add fees, shipping or other fees to Purchase Orders, expand the “Advanced” option on the purchase order.

Discounts can be applied to PO by setting the Other Fees (Actual or Shipping fees could work too) to a negative number.

Fees added to POs will be divided based on $ and added to all products on the PO.

Landed cost example:

10 x Product A @$1.00 = $10.00
20 x Product B @$1.50 = $30.00
Shipping $8.00

Product A Weighted Average Cost = $1.20
Product B Weighted Average Cost = $1.80

If you’ve got questions or require assistance implementing this new feature, give us a call in the support department – we’re here to help!