POS System Update – What’s New in Release

Release date: December 8th, 2020

  • .NET 4.7 is now a requirement
  • Added import functionality to PO receiving
    • File Formats: Text [Tab delimited] or Excel
    • Text Columns must be Product Code [Tab] Quantity
  • Added option to compare country with Klaviyo
    • Company Options –> System Settings –> Compare Country when loading data from Klaviyo
  • Added options to show on hand and committed in product search grid in the till and back office
    • These columns will be in addition to “Available” which is On Hand minus Committed (from work orders and web)
    • Tip:  Columns can be resized in the till to make room for new columns
    • Company Options –> Search Settings –> Product search show quantity on hand
    • Company Options –> Search Settings –> Product search show quantity committed
  • Added till button to add/edit last item comment
    • Device Options –> Till Button Settings –> Sale Button Row ? –> button named LINECOMMENT
  • Added multiple table select to “Refresh Local” enabling user to sync specific table instead of all data
  • Added “Refresh Local” button to till
  • Added “Report” button to most back office areas (Products, Users, Classification, etc.)
    • Report can be further customized to suit user’s specific needs
  • Made change in the till so that current line selection is cleared when a new product is added
  • Fixed issue with work orders where committed qty was not updated when expected

If you would like more information on any of these features, please call us at (877) 877-4767 and press “1” for Support; or email us at support@tricityretail.com.