POS System Update – What’s New in Release

Release date: May 4th, 2021

  • Added “Region” to Store search grid
  • Added new option to allow products on a purchase order that are not linked to the supplier
    • System Setup –> Company Options –> Purchase Order Options –> “Allow all products on a Purchase Order”
  • Improved look and feel of work order pickup screen
  • Added new option to auto apply work order deposits to products picked up
    • System Setup –> Company Options –> Operational Settings –> Work Order Auto Populate Deposits On Pickup
  • Added new option to require a minimum deposit, by percentage, on work orders
    • System Setup –> Company Options –> Operational Settings –> Work Order Minimum Deposit Percentage
  • Added new security option “Override Minimum Work Order Percentage”
  • Changed logic to recall tax group on a product refunded from receipt
  • Fixed issue that occurred when refunding a work order deposit in specific cases
  • Fixed issue where “Remove all products from this supplier” was ignoring inactive products
  • Fixed issue where alternate invoice button was not being shown in some cases
  • Fixed issue where customer could be removed or changed after account payment had been made
  • Fixed issue where customer pricing prompt appeared twice in some circumstances
  • Improved Klaviyo integration to include customer reward points
  • Improved Shopify Fix Committed button to include all types of refunds

If you would like more information on any of these features, call us at (877) 877-4767 and press “1” for Support; or email us at support@tricityretail.com.