What’s New in Version

Release Date:  May 14, 2019

  • New Feature:  Sale Price Wizard. Includes second sale price to allow for back to back sale price scheduling (Read More…)
  • New Feature:  Prompt for Bank Deposit amount on Z report (Enable in Device Options –> Open Close Settings –> Prompt for Cash Bank Deposit)
  • Added option to prompt for payment information on custom payments
  • Added confirmation message when removing payments in till
  • Improved promotions to allow for concurrent promotions for all Type I promotions. Promotions are now divided into Type I and Type II. (Read More…)
  • Improved messaging and added additional progress indicators when saving customer in the till
  • Improved SendInBlue Integration logic to send updates from POS only when changes are made to first name, last name, phone or fax and “Ok to email” (subscribed).  Additionally, no retrieval of data from SendInBlue will occur from the till.
  • Improved Google Address Lookup feature to restrict list of fields requested from Google (now limited to address only)

If you would like more information on any of these features, additions or changes please contact our office and ask for support.