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What’s New in Version

This MyPOS Connect release is an especially exciting one because it contains a number of items from the wish list! We keep track of your requests and do our best to accommodate. Below is the list of wishes granted.   Release Date:  August 20, 2019 Improved the look of the screen displayed when user clicks […]

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Is your merchant services provider charging you additional fees for PCI compliance each month?

How closely do you read your bank and merchant services statements each month? Do you ever see fees for PCI compliance? If you’re not performing annual PCI self-audits or contracting a PCI compliance expert to certify that your POS system is PCI DSS compliant, you could be paying significant non-compliance fees from your merchant services […]

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Customer Highlight – Mill Creek Chocolates

In today’s Blog post we’re showcasing our customer, Mill Creek Chocolates: a manufacturer and retailer of fine gourmet chocolates. When we met Jodie Lofts, Special Projects Manager for Mill Creek Chocolates, she was struggling to manage a manufacturing facility, a warehouse and three stores – all using “pencil and paper” to account for sales and […]

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6 Common Myths About Cloud-based POS Systems

In a 2012 study conducted with 1,000 American adults, Wakefield Research found that 51 percent of the people surveyed thought that stormy weather could interfere with Cloud computing. This was a stark example of how mis-understood this technology was not so long ago. Now, just 6 years later, Cloud computing has become widely entrenched in […]

What’s New in Version

Release Date:  July 8, 2019 New Feature: Prompt to reprint credit/debit card receipt. User will be prompted to also print the credit/debit card receipt on reprint. Implemented new option to set timeout value for table sync (default is recommended for most users). Improved speed of stock count commit. Improved speed of deleting promotions. Added requirement […]

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A Two-Part Primer on Payment Devices (Part 2)

What’s the difference between fully integrated and semi-integrated PIN pads; and which is better for me? Last week we discussed the basic benefits of integrating your PIN pad device to your POS system. This week, we’ll talk about the two basic types of integrated PIN pads: fully integrated and semi-integrated. Fully Integrated or Semi-Integrated? That […]

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A Two-Part Primer on Payment Devices (Part 1)

By now, most retailers know the importance of using EMV-compliant payment terminals (aka PIN pads, Tetra devices, Chip card readers, etc.) to process credit and debit card payments in-store. It’s more secure for your customers because they have to enter a private PIN (Personal Identification Number); and it’s less costly for you, the merchant, because […]

What’s New in Version

Release Date:  June 17, 2019 New Feature:  HQ Accounting Export. Export multiple stores with separate GL codes and data in single or multiple files for import into accounting systems. Added new option to show product cost under the pencil in the till. Enable in Company Options –> Show Product Cost In Till Under Pencil. User […]

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